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03 June 2008


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Clifford Kiracofe

Here is a useful interview with Dr. Franklin Lamb, an American observer who resides in Beirut:

"Franklin Lamb: I don't believe Hezbollah achieved a 'total victory' as the question suggests, but its achievements were certainly strategic and that sets outs the future in many respects. As you rightly imply, Hezbollah's emphatic statement by its quick move into the March 14 areas was aimed at Israel, the Bush Administration and their agents and allies in Lebanon and the Middle East.

What provoked the precise timing of the action was the fact as Sheik Naim Qassim, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General told this observer and a former American Ambassador and other US citizens who met with him on Monday May 10 in Dahiyeh was a 10 hour "series of conference calls" from the Welch Club to the Serail (Government House) that immediately preceded the Siniora government decision to move against Hezbollah, its vital optic fiber phone system and the Airport security office. According to Hezbollah sources there were other US planned assaults on the Opposition which have not been made public.

According to Qassim during this frenetic series of conference calls involving several countries, the decision was made in Washington to move against Hezbollah. Hezbollah believes the Lebanese government is virtually occupied by the Bush Administration and all substantive decisions now announced in Beirut come from Washington.....

Question: Are the prospects for peace in the region better or worse with a well armed Hezbollah?

Franklin Lamb: Better in the sense that there is for the first time in modern history an Arab/Muslim deterrence to Zionist and Western colonialism. Worse in the sense that the US and Israel are rapidly losing influence and viability in the Middle East and may once againresort to war to stem the breach." http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20084.htm


Very interesting, though I found you too eager to make March 14 politicians look insincere. Assad certainly got off too easy. In any case, opposition types will love this stuff as indeed they have already shown all over the blogosphere.

Question: why did you not meet Aoun or Berri or Nasrallah? What about Frangieh? I think some more nut cases from the opposition side would have been fair to counter the nutties on the pro side, don't you think?

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