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04 May 2008


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I would think Israel would want the benefits it would reap from trade with its neighbors - trade that would be of immense benefit to Israel.
You are suggesting reason and motivation by rational self-interest on the part of Israel. I think this is misleading.

Probably the reason why it would not want trade with their Arab neighbours is simply because the Arabs have conditions to do that. That price might just be too high. Israeli politicians and a sizeable chunk of the Israeli electorate value the territorial integrity of (Greater) Israel, higher than trade with the Arabs. For a real zionist it is still about blood and soil. That doesn't leave much room for maneuver.

Sure, the Israelis want an end to terror and, eventually peace, but there is a limit beyond they are unwilling to go - and since Rabin that hasn't been very far. And when Rabin suggested to go further, he paid the ultimate price for his attempt.

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