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15 May 2008


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Cat rodeo? Did you just 'stumble' upon a metaphor for Lebanon, or was it intentional?


Better a curmudgeon than a Tartuffe.


I thought the two of us brought that particular conversation back into the light again, Col Lang.

Like adults sometimes do.


There used to be signs in British train compartments: "Persons who spit on the floor shall render themselves liable to the disgust of their fellow passengers."

Punishment was both swift and certain.

Cold War Zoomie

...who runs this rodeo.

Came across these while looking for a goat rodeo...you may want to tuck them away for just the right occasion! Considering our current state of affairs, we shouldn't have to wait long before seeing them in action.

Monkey & Goat Tightrope

Monkey & Goat Handstand


Hmmm? One can't be an insider everywhere. But what was the "core" of the clash?

Montag, I heard that an interesting scholar had lately to do with the British railway system. But what triggered you comparison? Interesting though.

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