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01 May 2008


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--Blue Girl

Walrus, I agree with the sentiment of oligarchy - but I have taen to an alternate spelling...oilgarchy.


"You have to wonder how much Admiral Mullen's fretting is caused by the prospect of a Democratic Administration. Perhaps the new president should consider the suitability of present leadership in the Pentagon."

Indeed. This man is way off the reservation here; unfortunately, no one in the current administration or its party will call him on it. The senior leadership has apparently been so politicized that it's forgotten its place in the scheme of things.

No matter what his thoughts or concerns—as one poster noted—Mullen should just keep his mouth shut. That he apparently seems unable to do just, as witnessed by the Iranian sword rattling, I'd like to see him be one of the first to go under a Democratic Administration. I'd view it as essential: he will always be disloyal. As will a number of other senior officers.

A lot of senior officers have outlived their usefulness to the nation. And, based on unsatisfactory service at higher levels, a lot of them should be retired at their permanent grades.


The Democrats have been hawking the use of deplomacy over the use of the military. The new world view could be brought into play right after the election if it was done right. By the time comformations hearings were held, the military aspects might be determined by the diplomatic.

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