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19 April 2008


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The NewsHour Thursday night had a clip of their Pentagon Pundits. I thought I saw you. They denied theirs were briefed. Their report then quickly dissolved into he said, she said; talking heads; one saying it was all propaganda and the other that it is Standard Operating Procedure; both true but explaining nothing.

The crashing economy tops the news and Iraq slides into bloody oblivion. None dare tie the two together. During the drive to work on the radio the American Trucking Association economist said that there is a direct correlation between the value of the US dollar and the price of oil. To stop the slide of the dollar, interest rates have to rise and the federal government has to stop deficit spending by raising taxes and stopping the flood of money to the DOD for two Middle East occupations. Any federal money left has to be spent for real national security within the USA for Energy Independence.

Not likely when corporate media ignores the obvious.

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