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09 April 2008


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The truth has been hiding in plain sight for years.

We have no constituency in Iraq, we have allies of convenience. These allies, being allies of convenience, change at whim - either our whim or their whim.

So we blunder around in the maze that is Iraq, generally stirring things up, using devastating weapons when needed, in pursuit of an chimerical end state defined by propaganda for domestic political consumption.

The utter pointlessness of it is really depressing. The essential evil of it all is masked by propaganda that has consistently represented our role in Iraq as humanitarian.

There is no way to explain our acceptance of this propaganda except to think that we are utterly incapable, psychologically, of imagining that we have actually done considerable evil.

William R. Cumming

Now that sufficient time has passed since the testimony by the dynamic duo, it is certain that the exercise was completely meaningless except for giving Presidential candidates some TV time. Still the General and Ambassador needed some time away from Iraq to see their families and line up support for future employment. Has a single appointee resigned over Iraqi policy in the Executive Branch? A list of those, if any, who did might be useful to the next administration. By the way does John McCain think we won or lost in Viet Nam? How about the other two? Last time the one who could make up his mind--he had better things to do--won and the one who still didn't know what he thought lost. Perhaps the past is prologue.

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