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07 April 2008


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Nancy K

I love your blog, and it is the first I go to to found out what is really happening in not just Iraq but the rest of the ME and the world. I trust your opinion and information, and that is not something I can say of many blogs, or especially of the talking heads on TV and radio.
Thank you.


The news blogs are read by those that wish to be told what is happening.

Visitors to your site wish to understand why it is happening.

2 million visits is an encouraging sign that people want to understand and be informed rather than spoonfed propoganda.

Long may that continue.


Congratulations. This blog is different than others because those offering comments are generally well informed. Thankfully the moderator voids flames and maintains a high quality of comment.

Keep up the good work.

William R. Cumming

Wow! Can there really be 2M people interested in the subjects blogged about and commented about here? There is cause for hope that reason can triumph!


This is wonderful news. If we lived on the same coast, I'd be taking you out for a celebratory dinner. The quality of both posts & comments here @ SST are always exceptional, & I'm not just saying that because we're related... ;->



congrats. it's encouraging that people are seeking out other -- and more reliable -- sources for their information. kinda related, but i saw this a.m. that the pbs/frontline program on iraq has been viewed more times online than tunes into the teevee.

thank the gods for these intertubes... ;-)


Thanks PL for helping us cut through the fog!


Congratulations, Col. Lang. It is not surprising to me, a daily reader. You and many of your commenters supply clear, crisp, and well-informed ideas and opinion.

Keep up the solid work.


As a dedicated reader, I agree with Nancy K.

Don't think your views and analysis don't have effects on others.

It's sentimental, but I feel like there is still some connection to integrity when I read the posts and comments here. SST makes me feel somewhat better in a very bad, hopeless "era".

So thank you.


I've been a reader/commenter here since 2005, sometime.

What has really most impressed me here thus far was the reportage/analysis of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

It was almost real-time, and the analysis of the defensive tactics used by Hez was very educative.

The papers caught up a week later.

On the other side of the blog, you have the Athenaeum, seldom visited, apparently. Great movie reviews, etc. Should be visited more by folks who visit here.

My thoughts.

Great blog and information source.


this is the best place to come to figure out what's going on -- i learn a lot here -- even from those who comment!

thanks, Col Lang

Sherry Long

Congratulations, Colonel Lang.

I would like to second Cieran's comment on December 31st in thanking you for your intellectual generosity in hosting this site. My husband and I are two of your regular readers. You have expanded our understanding of issues immensely.


Jack K

ya got to scrape the sheep right off your shoes

sweet virginia.

rock on, Sir.



Reminds me of the newsletter put out by the Arab Bureau in Cairo during WWI, although produced for a far less select clientele. T.E. Lawrence edited it for a period, I believe. The similarity is that the AB newsletter had a virtual monopoly on news from the Middle East--or anyway the real news that mattered to planners in the offices to which the few copies were dispatched.


This blog is my daily education without having to write the required research papers. Reading SST often makes me feel dumb, but then I think about what a dumb cluck I'd be if I didn't read it religiously every single day!

Thanks, Col., and thanks to all you regular commenters for broadening my horizons.

Charles I

"not too bad"? Its fantastic and encouraging that your expertise and generosity are widely availed of and much appreciated. Do your stats reveal how many different people/IP's compose the 2 million hits?

This is the least preaching-to-the-choir-ish site I visit, with by far the most erudite posters. My ignorance quotient goes down a tad each visit, despite the tenacity with which I maintain it.


The number testifies to the high quality of the product. Congratulations and thank you.


Walter Lang

Charles I

No. It does not, so we must guess. pl


thanks for your time and effort




This is the only website I visit each and every day, no matter how busy I might be. It's always worth reading (and learning), and my hat's off to you for your efforts!

You are indeed "doing the lord's work"...


Thanks and well done. You help me separate the wheat from the chaff.


Dear Col. Lang,
Congratulations! And thank you for this oasis, many times over.
Kind Regards,
Robert Murray

Sidney O. Smith III

Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us the military tradition that best serves the US Constitution, the American people and the world. May Sic Semper Tyrannis continue to move among the people like a fish through water.

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