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02 April 2008


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Hi Pat,

Ditto to the good riddance. Amazing (well, not really...) that CFA operated independent of DIA oversight and control. Recently read an interesting quote about Donald Rumsfled in Arthur Schlessinger's just-published Journals. Schlessinger was having lunch with Henry Kissinger in the late 70's and the conversation turned to the Ford administration. Kissinger, unsolicited, described Rumsfeld to Schlessinger as "the rottenest person he'd ever met in Federal service". And this from Henry Kissinger, not exactly the cleanest knife in the drawer...


Maybe, just maybe, the professionals (adults)will have more of voice now. "Good riddance" indeed!


I interpret this as meaning that the CFA resembled the human appendix, in that the only two options were either to allow it to remain redundantly useless or grow to a size hazardous to domestic freedom. In either case a little preventive surgery was clearly in order.


RJ Hillhouse has some interesting additional commentary:

The NYT neglected to mention that CIFA is the government's most heavily outsourced intelligence agency. Over 30 corporations provide 90% of CIFA's staff--that's a blue green ratio of 1:9. CIFA's prime contractors are the usual suspects such as SAIC.

The DoD Inspector General has found inconsistencies between CIFA's procurement practices and procurement regulations that have resulted in overpayment for office space. CIFA was involved in further "inconsistencies" between procurement law and its multimillion dollar contracts with MZM, a benefactor of former Congressman Duke Cunningham.


With respect, I think that you are missing the point of CFA to begin with. When one couple s that office with the Admins legal theories on executive power, one can see that the goal was to create a domestic military intelligence branch it believed was immune from 4th Amendment restrictions.


CIFA is meeting its just rewards but I wonder who will inherit its central coordination mission - DIA -- an attempt to create a CIFA equivilant inside DIA? I was no fan of CIFA but do find it interesting that Clapper - a key player in centralizing DoD HUMINT in the mid-90's, may be trying to put some of CIFA authorities under DIA and can not help but wonder if he is playing by the same game book.

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