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16 March 2008


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Such a great and interesting review. Myself, having a small phone book of reviews of my own (art)work know the rarity of of such commentary - as to actually expand the scope and breath subtly implied by the work. When most often, even the simple facts are reflected bassakwards toward the reviewers vanity tics of the moment.

Most interesting, is the shot in the dark connection to the Bagge book. A theme most subtly addressed by works exploring the deeper psychological effects of war, but usually not as explicitly as in Baron Bagge - or in the film "Jacob's Ladder" (which scared the crap outta me) - as a metaphore for the effects felt by the survivors, as in survivors guilt, or for PTST in general.

Nonetheless, many thanks for LK's review in entertaining another layer of interpretation on to TBC - which like all formitable art, has an uncanny knack for doing so.

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