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14 March 2008


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Excellent article that provides additional pre-invasion insight.

Mr. Irrelevant (GWB)- and much of the military command, by extention - should have listened to Tariq Aziz who warned (in one of his last press conferences beamed to the U.S.) that attacking Baghdad was foolish because every household in Baghdad had weapons and that they would use them to defend themselves. He obviously spoke the truth. Who can forget the U.S. Army general who was dressed-down for claiming that the attack was not the one for which they rehearsed.

BTW, where is Aziz these days?

The Lounsbury

No longer secular.... strikes me as a silly observation.

Saddam was tacking to more public piety due to the failure of the socialist secular model of his formative years. His state, policies, and overall political structure was still secular by any ordinary definition. Entirely different beast from Ben Laden (unless the author finds only atheism to be secular).

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