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28 February 2008


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I am surprised by your take on this. I absolutely share your belief that this is a revolutionary endeavour, but that it wil lead to anything?

The modernist Muslims of the Islamic world, majorities in countries like Lebanon, Syria, Egypt etc. already practice a more modern type of Islam. In fact the most popular Shia Sheik in Lebanon, Hassan Fadlallah, has long preached a modern Islam that probably goes further than this study is going (his site is here).

As for those you would want it to reach, the wahabi'ist salafist brigade and the Wilayat al faqih band, this will be disavowed completely. The fact that it comes from Turkey (with Western experts thrown in) will make it all the easier to disavow as the Islamic world regards anything the Turks do towards Islam as suspicious.

A valiant effort, and perhaps a step in the right direction but a step on a long long road I fear.

When the Saudis do this, now that would be a miracle!

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