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25 February 2008


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Again, the rhetoric from both sides is preposterous. Doesn't the right also engage in this nonsense? The difference is that the right's appeal to voters has been more explicitly moralistic and religious, with appeals to 'Christian' notions of marriage, adoption, etc. and the moral certainty which goes along with it.

At least Obama stands up there and says I understand what the Constitution says, unlike this President. At the risk of over-parsing the Obama rhetoric, I think that 'the hole in our souls' (ugh) is profound cynicism about politics. Of course, "politics" in its pure sense should be considered a high calling, rather than a synonym for cynical machinations. I do not take this soaring stuff from any candidate too seriously, but to the extent to which I take this stuff seriously, I see his goal as restoring some optimism and engagement in politics.

If you are casting this "changing the soul" stuff as some sort of self-help program or a religious calling, then I would say you are mis-reading it.


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