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01 February 2008


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Ok, this going to be my only post on this subject. I am not going to get caught up in a battle with the host, and, or, the author of this thread. He has mastered the subject. His reactions are visceral on it. I do not wish to engage him frontally....and especially on his turf, under his rules of engagement. However, some comments must not pass absent dissent I want to note that this sentence, written by Mr Smith: ". But I am suggesting a nation has to be extremely careful about invading another culture, especially when it is done with a total lack of respect and a haughty kind of condescension.", is, in my opinion, a gross, simplistic, and dangerously, seductive, self-pitying, sentence. That is not to say that it is not widely, and fervently believed. Nor, is it to say, that there are not grains of---mustard seed size--truth in it. There are always, at minimum, two sides to every conflict. My purpose here is go on record as stating that not everyone buys the sentiments, and 'facts', expressed in the sentence.

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