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02 January 2008


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Martin K

It is interesting to see that so many of Clintons foreign policy-team are supporting Obama. Robert Malley, Dennis B. Ross, Sarah Sewall, Phillip Gordon, Mona Suthpen. Many new names. (For full lists of advisers on all sides, see http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/opinions/documents/the-war-over-the-wonks.html)

I have just picked up "Fear and loathing on the Campaign Trail 72" by H.S. Thompson. Again. I miss Hunter.

Martin K

John in the boro: I think the mood of the land is that they would rather have a "defective weapon" than homicidal maniacs. The coming president will be one who must do a hell of a lot of cleaning up after the final days of "Apres moi, le deluge"-theme partying Bush will do.

I think one of the main parameter shifts the US could benefit from as a nation is to shift focus away from weapon and towards tool. Practical solutions, UN, lots of staterun engineering-projects towards enviromentalism in poor countries, full steam ahead and no more missiles for a while. A settling down and an offering for peace and pashtuni selfrule in Afghanistan, gradual withdrawal from Iraq. Wouldnt that be someting?

I think China might go very green very soon. The watertable is sinking fast over there.

john in the boro

Martin K.

“John in the boro: I think the mood of the land is that they would rather have a "defective weapon" than homicidal maniacs. The coming president will be one who must do a hell of a lot of cleaning up after the final days of "Apres moi, le deluge"-theme partying Bush will do.”

Yes, I’m with you. I used weapon as a metaphor. When a weapon system misfires, the round fails to go downrange: in the metaphor, the executive branch fails to achieve its goal. In such an event, the operator waits a bit, ejects the round, and inspects for deficiencies. If none noted, he reloads and fires again. This appears to be what the Bush administration is doing. It refuses to see a faulty round—policy. Is this solely because of the administration, or, is there an institutional defect in the executive branch? In other words, maybe it’s another type of malfunction as well.

Yes, the next president is going to have a mess to clean up. But, is changing the operator in 2009 sufficient to prevent homicidal maniacs at some future date from running amuck? We are looking at this in two different ways: you appear to see a “defective weapon” as preventative, I see it as facilitating. Or, my metaphor just sucked. Otherwise, I am all for more talk and less war.

martin K

john in the boro: My problem with mrs. Clinton is that I dont trust her to clean up properly. I think mr. Obama might actually burn a few folks who deserve it, and so I fear for his safety. I hope the SS is serious.


Just getting back to this fine blog after the holdays, hence I'm a bit behind...

And it ought to be true that Gore was Pre'z in 2000; that the USSC more readily demur from expedient 'potentially necessary' political judgments to vitally necessary, inescapable judgments. Or it ought to be true that GWB be held accountable for ignoring the laws; that the national press be more beholding to principles than profits.

Obviously two wrongs can't make right, but can anything be worse that eight years of GWB, including the inexperience of Obama?

Not that much is needed to find what is lacking, or to realize that the best candidate is a mix of what's available, and something more. The difficult trick, however, is to account for unforeseen consequences and their influence on the office-holder.

Bush is a failure of a particularly undesirable sort, and perhaps Obama will be a failure as well; but maybe we'd benefit such a change in failures, if for no greater purpose than to spark again the notion of striving for something better collectively.

When all is said and done, we don't know the future and the future we fear is not the future that will be, all in all.


I'm curious as to why Obama's camp decries experience as the same old same old - all the while touting former Clintonites Susan Rice, Tony Lake and the others. Some of his supporters seem to be blissfully unaware that Zbig did not work in the Clinton admin.
Also, Obama bragged that he actually had more former Clinton folks than HRC. However, when proven wrong (Is there another word for deliberate misstatement?) Camp Obama stated that they simply couldn't give out all the names.
In the lefty blogosphere, many of them come across as rather rude, ill informed and might have spent a lot of time voting for American Idol picks. It reminds me of a jr. editor at the Boston Globe where I had posted something that they wanted to print (Nothing of consequence, mind you)- my signature there had an Omar Bradley quote attributed to Gen. Bradley. When I was emailed. the jr editor thought my name was Omar Bradley.

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