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21 September 2007


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Sidney O. Smith III

Raimondo the Rothbardian weighs in. I am not a Rothbardian and reject many of the underlying assumptions but Raimondo's essays,in my opinion, are worth a study. He is a talented writer who has been correct many times before when analyzing developments in the Middle East and critiquing neoconservatives.

Sidney O. Smith III

Gareth Porter has written several informative essays lately. On 11.20.07, awc published one of his essays entitled “Israel's Syrian Air Strike Was Aimed at Iran”


Here’s a quote from the essay that arguably confirms the “dual loyalty” of Stephen J. Hadley.

“The officials did not want the intelligence community involved in assessing the alleged new evidence, suggesting that they knew it would not withstand expert scrutiny. Glenn Kessler reported in the Washington Post Sept. 13 that the "dramatic satellite imagery" provided by Israel had been restricted to "a few senior officials" and not disseminated to the intelligence community, on orders from National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley.

The intelligence community had opposed a previous neoconservative effort in 2002-2003 to claim evidence of a Syrian nuclear program at the same site. A senior U.S. intelligence official confirmed to the New York Times on Oct. 30 that U.S. intelligence analysts had been aware of the Syrian site in question "from the beginning" – meaning from before 2003 – but had not been convinced that it was an indication of an active nuclear program.”

Sidebar soliloquy: In my opinion, Porter’s writing style has improved immeasurably since he started penning screeds for “Inter Press Service”. Good editors, I reckon. I sometimes wonder if the essays cross the desk of Jim Lobe before publication.

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