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22 September 2007


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Vanasek, my opinion: There has been much speculation about the Israeli violation of Syrian airspace on Sept. 6, with the Syrians claiming that the IDF planes were detected and forced to turn back and dump thier bombs in the desert. Israel has been unusually quiet about he whole thing, allowing speculation about bombing a suspected Syrian nuclear or missile site. Now usually the IDF would be bragging to the whole world about an attack if it was successful.
I suspect however that they were actually on the way to IRAN when detected and forced to abort the mission. The only proof lays in the Syrian desert, IF they dumped "bunker busters" when forced to turn back. Only the Syrians (and I presume the Iranians by now) know for sure (and of course the IDF and US). There are only three routes the IDF can take to Iran, the southern one goes through Saudi airspace, but is the most direct to the nuke plant at Bushehr, but if the Saudis say no, that leaves the middle route over Jordan and through Iraq. Of course how do the Iranians tell the difference between US F-16's and IDF F-16's coming out of Iraqi airspace and decide who to retaliate against? We'd sure hate to loose a carrier or two if the IDF forgot to leave a calling card. The last and longest route is the northern one over Syria and northern Iraq, but they could be detected by the Syrians and would have to abort the mission. Also, they would not need external fuel tanks to strike a target in Syria, only if they were going to Iran. This is why I feel it was a failed attempt at hitting Iran and the IDF is just happy to let everyone speculate about nukes in Syria.

Clifford Kiracofe

"Syrian 'research station' says shocked to hear of attack on its facility

Site of supposed Israeli attack in Syria claims it learned of strike from the news; Syrian vice president: Reports of Israeli attack on WMD facilities are false

The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) in Syria called the reports of an Israeli attack on its facility in Dir a-Zour completely "made-up" and claimed that it only learned of the purported attack after seeing satellite images of its property and reading about the attack in the news.

In an announcement, the center wrote that it was shocked to hear of the "fabricated lies of the Zionist media" that its facilities were the target of a supposed Israeli raid. The center added that it would be happy to organize a tour of its property for the international press.

Syrian Vice President Farouq al-Shara echoed the announcement made by the center. He said Israel was spreading false allegations that it intended to attack Syrian weapons of mass destruction facilities. He also added that Syria was not interested in going to war with Israel in the near or distant future.

"Everything that has been reported about this attack is erroneous and is part of an Israeli campaign of psychological warfare that will not succeed in misleading Syria," the vice president said at a press conference in Damascus with his Iraqi counterpart Adel Abdul-Mahdi Saturday.

According to Al-Shara, this attack was meant to raise the morale of the Israeli army after it failed in its attempt to destroy Hizbullah in the Second Lebanon War."


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