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07 September 2007


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A rhetoric of flatheads

A jargon of flatheads

A cawing of flatheads

A bleating of flatheads

Cold War Zoomie

Palaver is definitely good. I had to look that one up.

If we are going for an alliteration:

A "Fungus" of Flatheads.

Mad Dogs

A "straggle" of flatheads.
A "swarm" of flatheads.
A "drove" of flatheads.

And there's the old standby of an "blight" of flatheads.


I suggest "a sycophony of flatheads." Second choice, a "pablum."

Doran Williams

I may have posted this in the Krauthammer comments section. So, here are my suggestions for the group name for Flatheads: Pick One.

A Skillet of Flatheads.
A Skittle of Flatheads.
A Skulk of Flatheads.


A bungling of flatheads?


A flail of flatheads?


A huge grid of flatheads blocked the reality-based community at the metro station near AEI.

Cloned Poster

A Flatuence of Flatheads?

John Shreffler

A delusion of Flatheads.


A fabrication of flatheads?

A deceit of flatheads.

Charles I

A blithering of Flatheads
A scheme of Flatheads
A smothering of Flatheads
An Orwell of Flatheads
A lobby of Flatheads
A cadre of Flatheads
A derangement of Flatheads
A feint of Flatheads
A canard of Flatheads
A codswallop of flatheads etc, ad nauseum, indeed, a Nausea of Flatheads. . .


An eejit of flatheads.


a coprologue of flatheads.
or some variant incorporating the "copro".

frank durkee

A falsity of flatheads?


Thanks for the chuckle, you all. What a paean to the joys of English. I especially like the Anglo-Saxon skulk, skittle and flail.


A 'frenzy' of flatheads! (They do, after all, always seem frantic on some level.)


Actually down here in Australia, a Flathead is a very ugly, but exceedingly tasty, fish, that I enjoy catching occasionally.

A school of Flatheads is, I think, a correct description.

For the curious:


larry whalen

With a nod to Babak from his comment above, a Ford of flatheads.


Since the i first read the term in the book "Clan of the Cave Bear" by Jean Auld, flocks of flatheads would inticate the bats in the belfry, swarming nature of the beasts that scare people more than they warrant, and leave large amounts of crap wherever they roost, while remaining true to the intellectual capacities of that ancient breed of humanoid.


I was going to suggest a blunder of flatheads, but CSTAR got here before me with his/her bungle of flatheads.

What about a rumsfeld of flatheads? It has a nice sound. [the rumsfeld (lower case) being the proposed measurement unit of the macro-scale clusterf*ck]


second thought:

An afflatus of flatheads.


afterthought 3:

a fundament of flatheads.

Mad Dogs

In honor of our Down-under denizen Walrus and Australian Rules Football, how about:

A scrum of Flatheads.

G'day mate!


I propose a Pre-Christian military unit: the phalanx. Tightly-packed, square, disciplined, all facing the same direction.

This looks even better when phrased as "a phalanx of phlatheads". But better yet, is there an ancient Hebraic term for the same unit?
-elkern (1st-timer - thanks, Col. Great site)

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