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12 August 2007


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That's a pretty tough graphic the Colonel has put by the title, "Maliki's Last Chance (almost)".

But it certainly is realistic.

The cited Reuters article says that "U.S. officials have called the meeting a make-or-break moment for the government".

Oh, really? Let us remember the fanfare when the U.S. turned sovereignty "back" to Iraq. We'll ignore the little problem of whether a country loses sovereignty upon invasion and occupation under so-called international law, and just say Iraq (supposedly) got its sovereignty back.

Now, sovereignty means that no outsider dictates anything to the sovereign country. Thus, from the date of the invasion in March 2003 through today, Iraq has not been and is not sovereign.

Keeping this in mind, we go back to the Reuters story, which also says:
"U.S. officials have expressed growing frustration with the stalled political process in Baghdad as Maliki's government has failed to agree on laws aimed at reconciliation."

This lets me segue to one of my favorite subjects, the Republic of Iraq (laughter) Draft Iraq Oil and Gas Law, also known as Grand Theft Oil.
I have previously stated some of the juicy provisions of that proposed "law", and won't repeat them here. Needless to say, Iraqi Arabs who have managed to mount the insurgency they have to date know a scam when they see one, and the oil and gas law has not been approved.

Some numbers have been thrown around about how much oil is in Iraq; figures like 115 billion barrels of proven reserves and maybe another 215 billion barrels possible.

For you arithmetic buffs, let's do some, using "Arabic Numerals". One hundred fifteen billion barrels of oil times $70 per barrel (as of two days ago) equals $8.05 trillion dollars. That's "trillion" with a "t", and is real booty, as the pirates used to say.

Why we always hear oil spoken of in terms of one price per barrel for the whole world is an intriguing question. I don't know if it is permissible to mention a book on this weblog, but a man named Stephen Pelletiere, who may know Col. Lang, wrote a book called "Iraq and the International Oil System", which I first bought when it was in hardback and expensive. A paperback version is out, and I have given it as gifts.
This fascinating book will not be discussed on television or on the radio. Its ISBN number is 0944-624-456, if you want to order it. Mr. Pelletiere is a serious person, and you will so discover.

If Mr. Maliki will not be the requisite puppet for the U.S., Britain, and Israel, those three countries will seek to replace him with someone who is. Until then, we're not leaving Iraq, unless a person of moral integrity is elected president of the United States in 2008.

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