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29 June 2007


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Jaque Elul's theme in the Technological era is that i is an era in which the search is always for"the most efficient means" in any situation or circumstance. If one seeks freedom then 'checks and balances are 'efficient'. If one seeks dominance then they are not. it is significant in all these discussions that we have not noted the clear constitutional dynamic to innsure that the inerests of the powerful were secured as much as possible from 'the people', frequently referred to 'as the mob'. Jeffeerson's countervailing force was to enable a yoeman farmer base of people to have sufficient economic security to have some ability to countervaile the commercial and huge landed interests. Freedom requires both conflicted powerw and a sufficient economic base to stand on one's one against the economic powers, including the government. We have essentially eroded both of those bases over the last 50-100 years into a massive decline. We've substituted bread and circuses for genuine independence.

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