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06 May 2007


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I believe the painting is of Socrates.

After all, Tenet is Greek.


I watched Charlie Rose’s interview with Condi Rice last night and again, as always, I was struck by her refusal to take responsibility for anything that has gone wrong on any of her watches. The refusal to accept responsibility is absolutely endemic to this administration and George Tenet is just another practitioner. The refusal of public servants to be held accountable for their actions and the seeming reluctance of the media and the public to hold them responsible for their failures is in stark contrast with the righteous indifference with which we regard the fall of ordinary citizens into financial ruin and poverty through catastrophic events beyond their control. All that “bleeding-heart Liberal” mau-mauing seems to have made the rest of us accountable for our own downsizing or being broken on the wheel of our healthcare system, but we just don’t seem to have the heart to expect failed public servants to resign or even truthfully explain.



Jacques David / The Dead of Socrates, 1787, Metropolitan Museum of Att, NY.

I had to ask a friend admittedly. Maybe somebody else would like to know.

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