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20 April 2007


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Bill Maher highlighted this story reported by McClatchy. They are one of the few news outlets that have consistently reported facts that have not been compromised by the spin in DC. Before the invasion they were one of the few that questioned the WMD and AQ rationales. Unfortunately they don't have the clout of the WaPo or NYT who were complicit in the marketing of the invasion. Bill Moyers has a program on PBS that will look into the media complicity in selling the Iraq war.

The change from training Iraqis means that the US military will now have to try and quell the violence directly which means more American casualties as we saw today with the suicide attack on a US post in Diyala province that killed 9 soldiers.

Chris Marlowe


It just means that the Bush administration has no intention of leaving Iraq to the Iraqis, and has abandoned any pretense of doing so...

"Why can't they be just like us Americans and welcome us as liberators? The ungrateful so-and-sos..."

Clifford Kiracofe

<<"The Bush administration has no intention of leaving Iraq to the Iraqis">>

Marlow, Conservative economist Paul Craig Roberts, who served at Treasury during Reagan Admin, makes a realistic assessment:
"As a colony or protectorate, Iraq is too costly to maintain. The U.S. has already incurred out-of-pocket and future costs of $1 trillion or more. The total gains from oil exploitation and military-security complex profits do not approach this massive figure imposed on U.S. taxpayers, which is growing by the day....The U.S. dollar has lost much of its value to the Bush administration's dependence on foreign borrowing to finance its war. With foreigners accumulating huge annual sums in U.S.-denominated assets, the U.S. dollar's reserve currency role is jeopardized. If the dollar loses its reserve currency role, foreigners will not finance our wars or our trade and budget deficits."
Game is not worth the candle.

<<"the brown hordes invading the US from the south">>
Zanzibar, demographic data suggest the "European" segment of the US population will be in the minority by somewhere around 2040-2050. As a relic of the 1940s, I will be quite dead by then. However, it seems to me the internal security situation in this country will be disintegrating as the current intensifying race war between African-American and "Hispanic" gangs suggests. See, as an indicator, the recent "National Gang Threat Assessment" on the DOJ website:

Earlier this month, at a law enforcement briefing I attended, the statement was made that as a percentage of returing Iraq War vets "go bad" we will encounter "some of the worst criminals we have faced." Open source reporting indicates the proliferation of hard criminal and gang elements in the US military, Army in particular, owing to a lowering of standards for the Iraq War purposes. Returning from the sandbox, the USofA will be a "cakewalk" for them.

Come to think of it, perhaps I should retire in Canada, great fishing and hunting, fine folks, Northern Lights...

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