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08 February 2007


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Gen. Casey is valued by the White House for his loyalty rather than his competence or judgement. He is a vocal admirer of Rumsfeld, but the Iraqi Arab population became more and more alienated to the American led occupation on his watch. This is a notice to the generals who worked for Sec. Rumsfeld's dismissal that Rumsfeldism will survive Rumsfeld.
It is interesting to note that five of the twelve senators listed by Col Lang are members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. I attended the public session of the committee on Tuesday, Feb 6, the introduction of the 2008 defense budget by Sec. Gates and Gen. Pace. The senators and the Pentagon officials were less than candid or inspiring.
The dollar amount of no-bid contracts is unknown, the latter said. 'To the best of their knowledge' the estimate for Iraq military expenses for Fiscal year 2009 is $50 billion.
Senators Sessions and Cronyn were mostly interested in the local effect of base closings. Sen Collins was interested in the naval destroyer shipbuilding progam.
Sens. McCain and Clinton did some electioneering.
Sec. Gates said the Iraqi government would face undefined consequences
for lack of effective cooperation in the political impasse and military effort.
Oil and the Iraqi Arab antipathy to occupation were not mentioned.

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