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09 February 2007


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Brian Hart

Betrayal of the public trust. Incompetence. Treason.

Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

... No one held to account. Witness the death of the American dream.

Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

Duncan Kinder

It would be extremely pertinent to establish some objective standards here.

Has the Inspector General previously issued such reports, with regard to Vietnam, Korea, Iran Contra, Bay of Pigs or some other such incident.

If not, why not?

If so, then what conclusions did those reports arrive at and upon the basis of what?

How did the media and Congress then respond to those reports?

In short, is Feith currently being treated differently than historically has been the norm for Defense Dept. officials?


To quote Feith: "This was not 'alternative intelligence assessment,' " he said. "It was from the start a criticism of the consensus of the intelligence community, and in presenting it I was not endorsing its substance."


Right. Who does he think he can fool? The intent was whipping through a policy, no matter what the facts. Period.

Jim Henley

Shouldn't any just sentence construction read "not illegal but inappropriate," rather than the reverse? Do I curse the IG or the reporter for getting it backwards?


As I've commented previously, America is so far through the looking glass - witness the tremendous clarity and resolve of the new congress - that it may never come back. Yesterday's Doonesbury, in which Bush is told there's only one person left to carry the can, and then wonders how God will take to that blame says it all. No one mis responsible - its always somebody else.

We now have a Frank Luntz counselled Prime Minister with a minority government here in Canada. These people NEVER look back, so they don't really give a shit what anybody said they said last year, last week or yesterday. They are fiendishly accomplished simple-minded message deliverers. I'm waiting to see if our populace will drink the kool-aid. I'm cautiously optimistic, notwithstanding that our PM called the long-planned Israeli attack on Lebanon "a measured response." and that foreign minister came in his pants whilst gushing at Condi before the press.

The real problem is, your media has been spewing atomized particles of kool-aid into the atmosphere for so long, that the sky is no longer a recognizable reference shade of blue. The debate has been successfully shifted from "What can Government do to serve us" to "Government bad. Taxes Bad. Individual response and accountability to globalization good. Current trends inevitable. Not much we can do for you. Don't argue - that's treasonous aid to the "ENEMY"."

Your legislators have swallowed this gibberish hook, line, and sinker. Then the universal formula is applied: Apply generously to affected area. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat daily as necessary.

anna missed

or, to quote John McCain:

"I believe in American exceptionalism. I believe we were meant to transform history. I believe that the progress of all humanity will depend, as it has for many years now, on the global progress of American interests and values. I believe we are still the last, best hope of Earth."

So, no matter the methods the Douglas Feiths' of the world employ nor the mountain of evidence attesting to their utter incompetence -- they remain the standard bearers of American exceptionalism and so must persist. Bill Krystal, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams,etc. all remain credible witness and respected authors to what must then can only be considered as unquestionable, divine rule by decree -- and subject to no consequence, least the myth of exceptionalism be shattered.


After the defeat of the Soviet Union and the movement of manufacturing offshore, the only growth industry is bilking of Americans by privatization, no equity loans and contracting out of government services. Read Vanity’s Fair article on Science Applications International Corporation.

Corruption and the revolving door are the Standard Operating Procedure in Washington DC. Iraq is the ultimate outcome. An unnecessary War built on lies and fought to enrich the wealthy.


Thank you for re-posting your previous material, Colonel; I am finding it most helpful, as I have this site and its many participants.

Grace to all


When Jim Webb runs for President (and may that day come very, very soon), I would like Patrick Lang to be the Secretary of Defense.

Babak Makkinejad

anna missed:

McCain is not completely wrong - the religion of Americans is "America".


news stories describe the IG report as "long awaited"

what is the backstory for the report being released now?
is it simply that rumsfeld is gone?


Absolutely disgusting and far beyond a travesty. Maybe a letter writing campaign to Georgetown is in order. At one time not too long ago - Tom DeLay's name was far from a household word. Doug Feith's name should have the same ring as Quisling, Aldrich Ames or Benedict Arnold, synonymous with treachery.
I have re read Drinking the Kool Aid numerous times, it is always well worth the read. Welcome back, Col. Lang.


I was afraid of this. I feel like throwing up. Good people, Americans and Iraqis, have died because of this mans treason.

But this is merely the tip of the iceberg. AIPAC and the Israeli lobby are like a parasite stuck in Americas brain and controlling it.

They OWN the Democratic members of Congress which is why they have been squirming around for three weeks trying to craft an anti war resolution to satisfy the grassroots without offending AIPAC.

Look at the lengths Hilary goes to do the same thing.

There is no other simple explanation as to why we continue to do things and act in ways that are totally and completely NOT in our national interest, from Al Ghraib and rendition onwards, but are obviously in Israels interest.

Some time in the not too distant future, there is going to be a backlash against jews holding public office as a direct result of the activities of these Likudniks, and all jews are going to suffer as a result.

Of course the REAL test now underway is to convince us that attacking Iran is in our national interest.

And regrettably as a result, before I read news reports or op-eds about Iran, I have to determine the religion of the writer. You simply cannot trust anything written by a Jew about Iran or Iraq.

W. Patrick Lang

anna missed

That explains a lot about McCain. This is a good reason not to vote for him. I do not believe in American exceptionalism. I believe that we Americans are not excused for anything on the basis of some special mythical quest that God has sent us on. I believe that we must seek salvation on the basis of our actions like all others. pl


Does it matter? They just refilled the pitcher of koolaid. CNN is currently airing the wild assertion that Iran is responsible for half of all US Military deaths in Iraq because they are providing IED technology to the 'terrorists' and half of the deaths were caused by IEDs.

Apparently television bobble-heads with journalism degrees are too stupid to ask why Iran - who is supporting the partisan Shia Iraqi groups SCIRI, Badr, and Dawa - would arm Sunnis that hate Iran, hate Shias and are killing them daily, and hate SCIRI, Badr, and Dawa. Doesn't make a damn bit of sense.



When there are no clean hands how can anyone be held accountable?

The Democrats did not kick up a fuss when all the shenanigans were taking place. They acquiesced. Do they have the courage now in the face of the "patriotism" barrage to have open hearings so that the American people can know what actually happened and how the country was misled to supporting the Decider's decision to invade and occupy Iraq on the basis of false premise? I doubt!

Will the corporate media highlight how the country was hijacked? No. Its contrary to their interest.

The neo-cons and American Likudniks will continue to ply their trade. Like a cancer they will grow their infection of the American body politic.

Chris Marlowe

The problem with American exceptionalism is it talks only about American rights, with no discussion of responsibilities to other countries' peoples and interests.

The only thing exceptional about America today is its worship of violence for resolving conflicts, arrogance to other nations and general overall stupidity. We flaunt our "strength" the way Anna Nicole Smith flaunted her boobs, expecting the rest of the world to drop their jaws in collective amazement and awe.

No wonder no one respects us.


Is it just me or does McCain's quote call to mind Soviet ideas of the historical inevitability of Communism?


Col. Lang: American Exceptionalism used to be based on our unique belief in rationalism and objectivity. Pragmatism was our gift to the world. McCain doesn't realize that Scipio Africanus made "his" speech 2200 years ago.


The religion of America is Israel Until the Israeli-Palestinian problem is solved, American extemist Jesw such as NeoKon Likudnik Douglas Feith, Irwin "Scooter Libby," Josephy Lieberman, et al will endlessly embroil the U.S. in MidEast Wars. That is just a fact of life. So to answer the question George Will posed. On hearing that the Palestinians and Israelis had made Peace will the Sunni or Shiite in Irak on his suicide mission halt in his tracks and say, No need? NO George Stupid-Arse Will, but that stituation wouldn't have come to pass were the American NeoKon Likudnik decided it was necessary to have America invade Irak for Israel's interests.

Feith is the guy that was No.3 at he Pentagon after fellow Likudnik Wolfie and he directed Lewis Paul Bremer to rip up the one remaining national social fabrik in Irak, to wit: the Iraki Army. I think it was on purpose, the Neokon Likudniks wanted Irak in choas, never to rise again- the hell with American G.I.s. This is called dual loyalty.

From the wikipedia article on Feith, selected portions on dual loyalty:

"Former National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

According to the long-running Washington newsletter, The Nelson Report, edited by Christopher Nelson, quoting an anonymous source, Feith was standing in for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld at a 2003 interagency 'Principals' Meeting' debating the Middle East, and ended his remarks on behalf of the Pentagon. Then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice said, "Thanks Doug, but when we want the Israeli position we'll invite the ambassador." [30]

[edit] Former Secretary of State Colin Powell

In Bob Woodward's book Plan of Attack, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell called Feith's operation at the Pentagon the "Gestapo" office because Powell believed it amounted to a separate, unchecked governing authority within the Pentagon.[31]


[edit] Former Pentagon Desk Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski (ret)

Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, who was a Desk Officer in Feith's Policy organization, spoke of Feith's style:

"He was very arrogant," Feith's former deputy, says, describing what it was like to work with him. "He doesn't utilize a wide variety of inputs. He seeks information that confirms what he already thinks. And he may go to jail for leaking classified information to The Weekly Standard." [33]

(Karen Kwiatkowski believes an article that appeared in The Weekly Standard included a classified memo written by Feith alleging ties between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda.)

Regarding Feith and his colleague, David Wurmser, Colonel Wilkerson has stated:

A lot of these guys, including Wurmser, I looked at as card-carrying members of the Likud party, as I did with Feith. You wouldn’t open their wallet and find a card, but I often wondered if their primary allegiance was to their own country or to Israel. That was the thing that troubled me, because there was so much that they said and did that looked like it was more reflective of Israel’s interest than our own.[39]

[edit] Former CENTCOM Deputy Director, Lt. General Michael DeLong

In an interview with PBS on 14 February 2006, General DeLong was asked about the information coming from Feith's office in the lead-up to the Iraq war. He replied:

Feith wasn't somebody we enjoyed working with, and to go much further than that would probably not be a good thing. To be honest, we blew him off lots of times. Told the secretary that he's full of baloney, his people working for him are full of baloney. It was a real distraction for us, because he was the number three guy in the Department of Defense.[40]"

No. 1 U.S. Priority should be Israel-Palestinian Peace followed up by Saudi-Beirut initiative callling for full peace and trade with Israel and the 22 Arab Nations. Iran would not be far behind. As Sayed Hasan Nasralah of Hezbollah said

"Despite declaring "death to Israel" in his public appearances, Nasrallah said in an interview to The New Yorker, "at the end of the road no one can go to war on behalf of the Palestinians, even if that one is not in agreement with what the Palestinians agreed on." [15] When asked whether he was prepared to live with a two-state settlement between Israel and Palestine, he said he would not sabotage what is a Palestinian matter. "

TR Stone

It is getting to the point where no new revelations or bizarre pronouncements by those who have national name recognition should mean anything. When has anything that these chattering class yokels have pontificated about, been true or truthful? The real question is "How do saner, more rational voices, get propagated.

As much as I enjoy reading all the intellectual discourses about the "Battle of Agincourt", General "Lighthorse" Henry Lee, or Stillwell's China Experience, the problem today is how do we change a catastrophic policy that both the civil administration (including the congress), supported by a compliant military class, is leading this country towards? We have the knowledge of history so rehashing it in detail may show how we know the minutae, but that is not solving the pressing current problems. BTW, Jim Webb is not our savior!

The discussions should be about actions not words that will prevent the seemingly imminent expansion to a wider war in the ME.


Isn't it interesting that Nick Kristof's May 2003 article has now culminated in the Libby trial?

Kristof was early in laying out the importance of the veracity of the Decider's administration claims. Did folks push back enough when the Darth went on a "tirade" of compromising a covert CIA agent? Will Libby just be the fall guy who got nailed and later pardoned or will those that really made the decisions to embroil America in the Iraqi quagmire on the basis of fabrications and deceit and the wholsale "corruption" of our constitutional system be held to account?

Adam Stilson

This is a bit off topic.

Someone with more direct explosives knowledge, please feel free to comment.

As I watch CNN, I hear reporters and military spokesmen assert, without any hesiation that Iran must be behind suppling/educatating Iraqi insurgents because of the sophistication of the Improvied Explosive Devices. The implication is that only a crafty enemy could make explosives that can piece our armoured vechicles. And I often hear them speak about 'shapped charges'.

This is what bothers me. This technology has been around in almost unchanged form since WW2 Panzerfausts... you can get it in many 'Poor Man's James Bond" style wacko manuals or in many physics textbooks. I cannot stress how low-tech and simple it is to make armour piercing explosives. I ran across them in physics graduate school.. these explosives come up when wave properties are studied in electrodynamics and acustics courses (the game is all about waveguides. Explosive shock waves and sound waves are the same thing.. they are traveling pressure gradiants. If you tweak the shape of the coil/chamber of a good subwoofer, replace the wood with a decent metal alloy [the metal doesn't need to be hitech because the metal is guiding the wave and absorbs little of the energy], and you got what you need to make a modest explosive be able to pierce a tank. A good waveguide can increase the amplitude over a limited area by factors of 10000's)

I don't doubt that Iran has a large hand in Iraq. What bothers me is using this IED crap as supporting evidence. It is the same arrogance which has led us to underestimate and belttle our enemy throught this whole conflict. We seem to say these backwater Iraqi hicks could never touch us.. so it must be some higher force at work. The Iraqis, like the Vietnamese before them, are a smart, determined, and learning enemy. Give them some credit or else make critcal mistakes.




amen to your comments, amen.

Chris Marlowe

Just saw Doug Feith on CNN with Wolf Blitzer; he was having a hissy fit over the charges by the inspector general, going on and on saying that it was perfectly alright for policy guys to challenge intelligence guys, blah, blah, blah.

Man, this guy's really dumb. He goes beyond Texas dumb; we're into the realm of non-sentient beings.

I'd have more faith in this government if a gypsy woman and Dr. Ruth, with a crystal ball, were advising the Defense Department on Iraqi policy. I'm sure they'd be a lot cheaper and just as accurate...

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