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16 February 2007


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Chris Marlowe

There is one point worth pointing out.

All the discussion of the American creed, both pro and con was done by Americans of Caucasian European extraction. Colonialism and the justification for it as an institution was led by the same group of people in Europe, just as slavery was being rejected in the 19th century. To a large extent, it provided a new ideological justification for cultural superiority, rule and economic exploitation over brown, black and yellow people sho had not yet benefited from the industrial, and later, information revolution.

There is a problem with this approach in the US; Hispanics and Asian Americans do not share the same interest in this European-based American creed. According to this projection from the US Census Bureau, caucasians will become the minority in the US by 2050. Then what will happen?


Will the US become like Lebanon, with vastly differents groups with very different worldviews, fighting it out with each other? Will caucasians in America become like the Maronites and Sunni Muslims, fighting to retain some degree of economic and political domination even as their percentage of the population falls? Will this result in the fracturing of the US as a single political entity?

That is a very interesting question.

I believe, based on discussions with them, that Asian-Americans, African-Americans and Hispanics will eventually rise up in their rejection of this creed.

It was never part of their narrative.


The colonel's cogent analysis of the root problem beneath current governmental hubris is on target... and our fellow citizen's mindsets are in the bullseye.

Proud of your courage Brother Lang....

Former 7th and 10th Gp B Team S2

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