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09 January 2007


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"Agent Orange diabetes" - I'm glad that's all you got from Agent Orange. My dear friend's husband died of Agent Orange lung cancer eleven years ago. He finished his tour of duty in Vietnam in something like 1966 - he was a Lt. in the Marines, right out of Yale. He never talked about his time in Vietnam except for to say that he didn't lose any of his men. That's all he wanted to say about it. 30 years later the doctor told him he didn't have bronchitis, he had terminal lung cancer and he needed to prepare the children. He was dead inside of a month. His eleven year old son got a nice flag and the Marines came to the funeral with a color guard. Very touching but he died too young and his widow and kids needed him.

Anyway. I'm glad that all you got from Agent Orange was diabetes.

In war there are no winners.


Posted by: Lurch:

"There are only three decorations worth having. The CIB, jump wings and the NDSM."

Make that two. Who cares about jump wings?


Posted by: Will:
"I could of have got some Kerry class purple hearts if i'd gone to the trouble of putting in for them, but thank God no serious injury until Agent Orange diabetes thirty years later."

Snort. I, a 46-year old who thanksfully served in a blissful time of peace, would once have been shocked to hear a Vietnam vet disparage another VV's combat wounds.

Not anymore.

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