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22 January 2007


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I always enjoy these reviews.

Reading Farrell's comment on Noblesse Oblige in there made me chuckle. Reminds me of the old Molly Ivins singer about the Bush Family: 'all oblesse, no oblige.' Heh.


Joel Morgan

Hi Pat,

This isn't primarily for posting in comments,
but I could not find an e-mail contact address.

I really appreciate your web log. It's a
source of enlightening information and
quality discussion that's way more
useful that most of the yammering on the
web. Thank you!

I have a request: the documents that you now
make available as .doc files; would it be possible
to make .pdf versions available?

Best regards,

Joel Morgan

Patrick Henry

Alans Reviews are always a hoot..and his Style and humor always make them unique and Fun to read..

I have the Honor of owning One of his published Books of movie reviews..autographed..I think is an unparalled Classic..

I enjoyed his review of "the Good Shepherd" especially since I saw the Movie with an old Friend..retired Agency ..

I Understand the movie is loosly based on the early life of James Jesus "Kingfisher' Angleton..(tutle shell glass's and all..)

Jim Angleton was ADDOCI ..Associate Deputy director of Operations for Counterintelligence for the CIA..

he was born in 1017 and died in 1987..

He was an interesting man..who had an interesting and controversial Career..

His Bio is an interesting read..anyone interested can check it out at "Wikipedia"..

Oberall..I thought the movie was interesting..some Intrigue..lots of Controveersial issues were touched on..Speaking of "Bone Men" and Spy vs. spy means and methods..

The only other person watching the movie by the time we went sat at the back row of seats with his back to the wall..

My friend thinks that guy was a Cuban..


These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.


Quite nicely written actually, i like it. :)


This was actually a good read, thanks for writing it. :)

William P. Fitzgerald III


I just discovered the film reviews. They're awfully good, but seem to have come to a screeching halt in 2007. I'd love to see that excellent fellow, Farrell, review "In Bruges", should he still be doing them.



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