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01 December 2006


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Col. Lang:

Of the 4 Arab states bordering Iraq only Syria has the government structure that can be utilized to support Sunni Arab insurgents. And Syria will do no such thing.

The other 3: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan do not have the state structure to help the insurgents - nor the military might to do anything about it. Theirs are empty threats. They can send money but their populations are already doing as much.

Egypt won't do anything except making noises - America's has bought and paid for Egypt this past 27 years.

In other words, I believe that the threat of substantial and qualitatively increased strengthening of the Sunni Arab insurgency in Iraq is an empty one. I fail to see how the situation can be made substantially worse for US there.

Yes, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, UAE and assorted other Arab governments are going to fight the Shia Arabs of Iraq to the last Sunni Arab of Iraq! And these are the same Arabs peoples and governments that were silent when Saddam Hussein was gassing the Kurds and Iranians.

The incoherence of the policy extends also to Sunni Arabs - US is committed to supporting Arab governments that rule over populations that quite literary celebrated the 9/11 attacks on US – they loved it. And then US is against Iran whose population shed a few tears over the 9/11 attacks.


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