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10 December 2006


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M Asif

Mr Brooks is a jew and the area of interest is ME. He cannot be faulted for looking out for the interest of a group that probably has the deepest meaning for him with respect to identity

Hal Grossman

Col. Lang, that was a cogent and powerful piece. Thank you.

But all of this was evident before we started the war. It was clear that Iraq was a cobbled-together country, with deep sectarian divides. It was clear, too, that nobody likes an occupying army to tell them how to run their government.

Asif, your comment is scurrilous. Don't judge someone based on a group that they belong to, lest you be judged yourself. Also, it's an impediment to thinking.

I am a Jew and a Zionist, and I always have thought that the Iraq War was a terrible idea, and immoral to boot. I doubt that I am alone in this.

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