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13 November 2006


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That many people in a room. Subject as complex as it is. Whatever else it says this meeting it was not a discussion. It was a farce.....but it will serve as more gist for the cable shows.

They've latched on to the narrative....Poppy to the rescue of wayward son. All the Shakespearian references, whether little understood, or not, are trotted out. To those less familiar with classic works, the inevitable Godfather references suffice….so we get Baker as the Family Consiglieri.

We’re the tragedy. The nation buys into this stuff. We get it spoon fed to us time, and time, and time, again. We see little of meaning and understand less. Only the results matter, almost nothing of what is said publicly has meaning; other than offered as cryptic code to those better in the know. Or with some sense of history. It’s pathetic really. But I have no great idea how to change it or even to resist it. It’s as if the American people are caught up on septic wave….you just sort of float along with it. For better or worse.

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