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04 November 2006


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Robert in SB

43's endorsement of Cheney and Rumsfeld, when coupled with Cheney's most recent comments, serve only to reinforce their contempt & arrogance for anyone who doesn't back their agenda. If either one of them, even once, had ever shown a capacity to lead from the front, I would support them. After 4 years, they still can't define what "winning" in Iraq means, much less formulate, articulate and implement a coherent foreign policy.

4 billion

It seems the command capsule has seperated from the rest of the ship, therefore the door is open, the chocks are out, all bets are off, on what the terrible three (Rumy, Chain and Bush) are going to do now. I feel a 'revenge of the Sith' may be in the air. T.T.T. seem to be quite angry and may seek to punish us for lack of faith in their vision.
"It may not be popular with the public — it doesn't matter in the sense that we have to continue the mission and do what we think is right. And that's exactly what we're doing," Cheney said. "We're not running for office. We're doing what we think is right."
Isn't the Republican party in this next election or doesn't that whole Congress thing matter any more?

David E. Solomon

I certainly agree with Colonel Lang on his description of the "Imperial Presidency".

However, it always strikes me as somewhat odd that so few people realize that this country was never intended to be a democracy. It was from its founding an oligarchy formed to benefit the wealthy.

The use of the term "democracy" was only an attempt to guide the responses of the masses.

It remains so to this day.

I believe the term "democracy" as understood by most of the people would, indeed constitute a government "of and for the people". I also believe that would be an admirable form of goverment.



Minority Rule - It couldn't be more clear, could it?


Cheney on da Ropes Hat Tip Al Rodgers

I am not amazed at Cheney's contempt for the American people. Its the they know better crowd. No matter how disastrous their judgement and decision making they know better and who are we to question their judgement and policies.

We live in the era of the new "Imperator". Cheney was pretty clear they are going to do what they want. With no re-election to worry about they'll push the envelope of balance of powers. Who is going to serve the subpoenas? The House marshalls?

Byron Raum

Cheney is talking about the same public that has, collectively, endorsed him for almost six years, isn't he? I'd say the opinion he expressed about the masses seems quite justified.



Proving once again that the reason that Bush will not be impeached is that Chaney is number 2.

Brent Wiggans

Cheney's words, as they have done over and over, dare us to contemplate just how far he and his allies in the administration might go in doing what they think is right. Outright coup seems a bright line between tin foil hat and reality, but in the recoil from the idea of such an extreme course we cede a lot of opportunity for the expansion of executive power and the marginalization of the electorate. This administration numbers among its few competencies the mastery of the power game played among the three branches of government. Has the executive branch garnered sufficient power over Congress, the courts, GOP party discipline and the media to preserve its hold on the power to defy the people?

This election is a major opportunity for restoring balance in our government. Ignoring the results of an election or manipulating its outcome is tantamount to a coup. It disconnects American government from its existential authority, the consent of the governed. You can conceive of the behavior of the executive branch over the last six years in any way you like, but the fact remains that the limits of the capacity of our constitutional system to self-correct to maintain a healthy balance between the three branches of our government are being tested.

In order to enjoy our liberty we necessarily give ample opportunity for some to break the rules and take advantage of our assumption of good faith dealing. The thing that makes such a system viable is accountability and it is the mechanism of accountability that this administration has so successfully undermined. It is difficult for people who have grown up steeped in American democracy to believe that people that our system has elevated to its highest offices could really be capable of subverting its basic underpinnings so profoundly and so deliberately. It is this credulousness that Cheney & Company are exploiting.

Think if it: the administration has successfully redefined accountability to mean finding some low-level chump or the previous administration to take every fall and it has made it quite clear that it does not acknowledge the legitimacy of any but its own vision. What limits might govern such people?

4 billion

I can't envisage Cheney doing anything else but be president (vice). What they need is another 11/9, martial law, suspend elections, round up and intern 'terrorists',etc.
The Amwerican Legion's recent vote is of concern, that anti-war protests give aid to terrorists, although not a new view, this time due to the hazy nature of exactly who is a terrorist, it is a little closer to home.
The ultimate irony would be the Sunnification of America, where 20% rule the other 80%. Sounds outrageous but most people have so little idea of the world, that the stupidest crap is possible. The other day this guy I know say's "why doesn't Al queda just shoot a rocket at the moon" he was serious and he has a job.

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