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13 October 2006


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"The war in Iraq will continue indefinitely no matter who wins in '06 and '08. There are no leaders available with enough courage to stop this. Only a collapse in the military and political situation will change that." - PL

Its not going to matter who wins the election this Nov. The Decider is still in charge and correcting errors is not in his DNA.

The concern is that we cannot elect leaders with courage of conviction. And its because of us and the current media environment not the lack of such leaders. Of course the corporate media say they are a business and give us what we want so they can make money. At the end of the day in a democracy it comes down to the people. We get the government we want.

As I wrote in my comment on the Jabberwocky thread, when the therapy arrives it will not be pleasant for the American middle class and poor.

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