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08 October 2006


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What is it with the human pyramids? First naked and tortured, now in uniforms - What's next, clown suits?


I find the pyramide pic telling. The poses, the setting. Could as well be a college football team, or their cheerleaders (I do understand the physical fitness part of the exercise). I wonder what the guy on top yells. 'Boo-yah!' or maybe 'Yee-hah!'?!

I doubt the instructor's would have been overly happy with a hearty 'Allahu Akbar!'

Chris Bray

Page 5, quoting Maj. Gen. William Caldwell:

"Since the fall of Saddam (Hussein), local governance has taken on a whole new meaning here in Iraq. Iraqis are clearly focused on improving their quality of life and working toward a brighter future."

These things are becoming a little more Soviet with each new issue.

Chris Bray

I just keep going back to this.

Page 9, first brief:

"Iraqi police and Coalition forces apprehended three suspected insurgents and seized a sizable cache Oct. 2 in a combined operation south of Baqubah...The cache consisted of one AK-47 rifle, five AK-47 magazines, two hand grenades, bomb making materials, anti-Iraqi propaganda and binoculars."

A sizable cache of one rifle. Is this even supposed to appear credible, or is it all pro forma at this point?

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