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02 October 2006


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This is how the United States military has tortured a 15 year old enemy combatant.

He killed an American soldier. Does he deserve years of torture?

I think we can safely eliminate the possibility that his torture has been directed toward gaining important information.

Don and Dick and George have certainly made this country great again.



Of course they can defend the capital, just like the Texan's defended the Alamo.


Reference arbogast's cited URL.
I don't want to comment further on Omar's treatment after capture. However, as I see matters, Omar's life was effectivey ruined by the religious and military indoctrination his parents gave him before he was captured. With that upbringing he had little or no chance of leading a fulfilled and productive life. A very sad case, of which I suspect there are many more in that part of the world.
An important question to me is: how can we sensibly change that kind of family mindset?

Abu Sinan

Talabani and his police wouldnt be able to take over patrols of SE here in DC, let alone Baghdad or Ramadi.

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