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20 October 2006


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In general, the winds travel from West to East. Arbogast: "The radiation from a nuclear war in the Middle East will probably stay in the Northern Hemisphere to a very great extent. Or at least that's what the Bush's hope."

It didn't help them much in "On the Beach"


I followed the Great Billmon over here from his blog. I was already aware of Pat Lang (from The News Hour), but if this site is good enough for Billmon to post comments, I'm reading this site every day from now on!

Byron Raum

Unfortunately, there's a problem with the "winds blow West to East" theory, on account of the rather simple fact that the earth is round. Nuclear fallout will not respect the international date line and stop moving when encountering it. Here's a fairly easily understood discussion about global wind patterns: http://kids.earth.nasa.gov/archive/nino/global.html ; essentially, it'd appear that any poison will end up at the equator and carried to the other hemisphere?

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