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08 September 2006


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You said:

"Analytic judgments are made on the basis of capabilities, not intentions."

That's not the way the WH sees things.

David Brooks, the conservative columnists for for the Times, has repeatedly written about how conservatives have lost patience with this method.

The new way of doing intel is that the WH understands good intelligence is that which supports policy.

Conservatives believe that intentions are the key.

For example - it mattters not so much that Saddam had wmd. For conservative in the WH house, the key was that Saddam was part of the axis of evil.

The irony is that this approach, which Brooks celebrated for being cut loose from empricist shackels, seems pretty un-conservative.

Your definition is what he said they were trying to get away from -

If your method had been adhered to, Colin Powell never would have had enough Intel to give that UN speech because most of it would have been rejected. Since they wanted war - (the policy), Bush admin conservatives insisted that good intel is what supports selling the war.

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