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22 September 2006


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Thank you for posting this absolutely terrific piece, Col. Lang. Excellent, Mr. Bearden.


under those circumstances i wouldn't mind so much having purposeful lies picked up and passed on by the "news" media. i generally just snort at them anyway and carry on with reality.

except that we have a governing mob that has willfully and knowingly used lies, and the cheerleading media, to promote their america (nation and state) damaging policies.


Mr Bearden, Colonel Lang,

The common thread between the interrogations witnessed by you (mr. Bearden) and FBI interrogations of the past, which were undertaken to secure indictments, with the ones conducted by Hans Scharff, is that they allowed for a reasonable time period to defeat the prisoners' resistance postures through the various techniques which you have outlined. If one believes the premise of the book "the one percent solution," it would indicate that the National Command Authority (NCA) inserts itself in the operational goings-on of interrogations of specific prisoners.

One level down you have the SecDef and various generals leaning on Intel Staff (if the Taguba report is to be believed, Abu Ghraib school trained interrogators were insufficient in numbers and commonly replaced with analysts and others), to provide instant results on insurgency suspects. Hence, roundups of the usual suspects at traffic checkpoints, suspects that your Shiite translators deemed guilty, etc.; mix em' all up an stack em' up at Abu Ghraib.

"Take off the gloves" they say; what message does that send to young impressionable interrogators that do not have Mr. Bearden's expertise in Real World Humint?

For these Intel Ops to work you need the brass to cease and desist from interfering. If you rely on Iraqi translators, you must assure they have no private agendas. Once captured, and having admitted some guilt, US Intel personnel must have a reasonable expectation that your insurgents will be kept behind bars if they are indeed bad actors.

None of this is assured right now, since as an unfortunate side effect of the Abu Ghraib Fiasco, the Iraqi Government releases prisoners as it sees fit, probably as a result of graft.

I think it is too late to hope that the pressure-less interrogations of all but the most highly placed suspects will occur in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope I'm wrong. Better luck next time.

Hannah K. O'Luthon

"We in the public simply cannot know what is fact and what is crafted fantasy. Then how can we know what to believe and, more directly, is it cricket to allow the American media to be drawn into the deception game?"

We (i.e. U.S. intelligence agencies) are not the only ones
capable of manipulating the "reality" presented to the American public, as anyone with a retentive MEMRI and a sufficiently strong stomach to watch American network news can readily detect. The more paranoid might contemplate the distinct possibility that such efforts could even include agent provocateurs infiltrated into Al Qaeda to "help them" achieve "their" goals. Indeed,the alleged impermeability of Al Qaeda to such penetration seems
all the more incredible when one contemplates the amazing success
of John Walker Lindh and "Azzam the American", not to mention the long term interest of many governments well-equipped to effect such infiltration. Fortunately, we have such loyal allies that we need not fear that the wilderness of mirrors contains "false flag" enemies working to advance those allies' interests at the expense of American lives.


Dear Col.,
These timely and superb pieces by Richard Sale and Milt Bearden to me are two thirds of a trilogy. The third part would be your own excellent Op/Ed "Lessons from Vietnam in how to flip an enemy."

W. Patrick Lang




A house of mirrors full of smoke indeed

"As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities." - Voltaire

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