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12 September 2006


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W. Patrick Lang

John Howley

Since "consistency is a virtue of small minds" perhaps I shouldn't worry about it.

Seriously, I never said that economics is of NO importance in human affairs. pl



nyt headline this morning

"General Says Iraq Pullback Would Increase Violence"


mcclatchy headline this morning

"U.S. surge fails to stem Baghdad violence, general says"

al palumbo

Dear Col. Lang,

I strongly encourage you to read the Sunday NYT OpEd piece by Spec. B. Jayamaha, Sgt. J. Roebuck, Sgt. W.D. Smith, Sgt. O. Mora, Sgt. E. Sandmeier, S. Sgt. Y.T. Gray, and S. Sgt. J.A. Murphy if you want a realistic appraisal of the state of the counterinsurgency in Iraq.

And do you have an opinion about their assesment?


If I have understood your excellent talk correctly, our current decision makers are at least ignorant and their decisions may be disastrous, but (after all else fails?) the U.S. may soon start acting sensibly. Maybe you are right, but I'm not convinced. We are a democracy. Our politicians dance to the tunes of domestic pressure groups. I wonder how many members of Congress think that Haifa is in Syria and could be persuaded that Aleppo is a coastal resort in Italy.

Sidney O. Smith III

Fantastic lecture. Thank you for sharing with us the concept of Hudna as well as describing the reasons that the existence of Israel is seen as a potential violation of God’s will through the eyes of Muslims.

Simply as an intellectual exercise, I cannot help but speculate as to what other people from other cultures would think of the IDF during the second Lebanese war. My guess -- and it’s only a guess -- is that Satmar and other Hasidic dynasties of Edah Hachareidis would believe that the actions of the IDF violate the Torah and the Talmud. In fact, the rabbis of Satmar appear to believe that the actions of the IDF are endangering Jewish people around the world, as these rabbis draw a sharp distinction between Zionism and Judaism.

To use other terminology -- if Edah Hachareidis is correct, then the IDF is not Sun Tzu’s sovereign imbued with the moral law (and neither is the US under the control of neoconservatives). We, then, are not on the right side of history and odds increase that a terrible tragedy awaits us.

However, as for a differing view, the JP today offered an article attacking the tenets of Torah based Anti-Zionism from, at least ostensibly, the Shepardi perspective. It too raises worthwhile points.


Theodor Herzl. Satmar Grand Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum. When it comes to political Zionism and the welfare of the Jewish people as well as all people of the world --one is right and one is wrong. It is an extraordinary debate within Jewish culture about true Torah spirituality. And the repercussions are enormous.

Disclosure: I still haven’t drawn any definitive conclusions, but I do believe that the voice and views of Satmar are from the “muffled zone that media management has made of our country”. And just to stir up interest, I will offer the following. Satmar and other Torah based anti-Zionists believe that during the Exile that they are under a sacred oath to pray for the welfare of the nation in which they reside. Satmar Grand Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum, who survived imprisonment by the Nazis and miraculously escaped perishing in the Holocaust, lived in the United States after WWII, and tens of thousands of his followers have settled here today. Odds are extremely high that those who belong to Satmar would have never called General Zinni “a traitor“.

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way will be found. As PL discusses there's the approach of "hudna".

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I found this information : Many independents are fleeing from President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress, Politico Editor-in-Chief John F. Harris said at the Miller Center of Public Affairs, noting that many political insiders predict a slew of Democratic seats will be lost to Republicans in the mid-term elections.

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Mark Logan

The link changed at the Miller Center for this. Here is the current link.


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