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19 August 2006


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Interesting take on "America’s last hope for another Chaplin" -- the "Scoop" plot reminded me sharply of Chaplin's "Limelight" which has its sublime moments (despite the treacly sentimentality) especially the flea circus sketch and Chaplin with Keaton (Buster, not Diane) and a piano.
Shame this is not the Waugh "Scoop", though, which is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand news management including the dreaded herd mentality and conjuror's diversionary tricks.


Just re-reading Waugh's Scoop, actually, and there is a fantastic film to be made from it.


LWT did a "Scoop" in 1987 which is not bad - http://imdb.com/title/tt0093931/

Michael Maloney a bit too worldly for William Boot but Renée Soutendijk a good barmy Kätchen, Donald Pleasence wonderfully daft as Lord Copper, proprietor of the Daily Beast, and Herbert Lom pretty well perfect as Mr Baldwin.

There seems to have been a BBC series in 1972 but I don't know much about it - http://imdb.com/title/tt0137321/
with Harry Worth (I have a dim memory of a fairly mild TV comic) as William but as he was 50ish when filming he would be (far?) too old.


OK, three urfs, I'll check it out.

Completely off topic. I'd like to see a remake of Irma La Douce, Sophie Marceau, of course being Irma. Maybe Woody could work as a controlled neurotic bartender.

Course Irma's really a spy who manages to bring down both DeGaulle and the last marshal of France.

And Edward Fox would make a cameo appearance as Profumo


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