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21 July 2006


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Babak Makkinejad

So, that's where those old Hollywood actresses go: they are like Iraq: every one knows where they are but no one wants to go there.

W. Patrick Lang


Unkind. She looks terrific. pl


Forget about her. Where's Adrienne Barbeau, Tina Louise, Barbi Benton? And I see Ms. Sophia L. has emerged from seclusion.

While Ms Streep is a much better actress than any of the above, the script does not seem that demanding.

I could'n make heads or tails out of this review.

Mr. Farrell was on a real roll in June and July, but it seems he might have got sunstroked or brain addled while greasing his crawler.

While recuperating, he might want to consider reviewing 2 recent very good westerns: Open Range and Broken Trails.

In the event, keep them coming, Mr. Farrell.

In an insane world more insanity and comic relief takes one's mind off things.

W. Patrick Lang


I forwarded your comment to him in Lexington, or more properly Glasgow.

He was off teaching Summer School in the Ivy but has returned. pl


Great stuff as usual, Mr. Farrell, it's the first thing I've found to laugh about all week. (Be sure to thank that sissy who wrote it for you too.)
The admixture of erudition and "aw shucks" is one of the American traits to be celebrated wholeheartedly. THIS is a side of America we should be showing to the world.
I hope your students know how lucky they are.

Babak Makkinejad

I think Ms. Streep is actually educated and well-bred; she is from what used to be called "a good family" (before egalitarianism started running amok)

W. Patrick Lang


Agreed. This film is satire. pl


A change of pace I see Col. I salute you. And Ms.Barbeau.


Dear Col.,
I agree with Eric's "artistic assessment" regarding Ms. Barbeau - at least the old photo anyway. She wuz robbed of an Oscar in "Swamp Thing." Perhaps
Rebecca Romijin could have played Ms. Streep's part...
Mr. Farrell is a joy and a wordsmith of the finest order, especially when he's irreverent.


My apologies, Gen. Farrell.

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