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14 July 2006


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If any of you reading this are wont to pray, your efforts would be appreciated about now. Please pray for Lebanon and for peace and justice in the greater region.

I buried my father September 28. He died brokenhearted over what has happened in the Middle East. I am becoming numb, myself, even though my uncle and cousins are back in South Lebanon, determined to stick it out. No more, please, no more.

My other uncle, visiting here, swore last night (before this latest assassination) that the Lebanese would find a way to step back from the brink. From his lips to God's ears.


>Fascinating that someone else is posting using my email id and the name that I use.

I thought your posts a touch weird, too.



Isn't it true that the Shia vote is under-represented in the present Lebanese political system?


Shiites have the right to more fair representation. True. But there's another human right called the right to self-determination. If Hizbullah try to turn the entire Lebanon into an Iranian colony, Lebanon will split, messily.

It is bad enough as it is. Iranian flags flying in Dahieh, Iranian soap operas on TV, and Islamic Hilter Youth training camps brainwashing entire generations. They really do have an Irani state within the Lebanese state. The majority of Lebanese don't want any of it.

Hizbullah are always itching for a fight. They always feel wronged. They are always looking for stare-down contests with other Lebanese. Nasrallah's speeches always carry a hint of threat.

Take his last speech, for instance. It was meant to assure everyone that the street protests he was planning would be peaceful. But he called the government an American government and accused it of collaborating with Israel during the summer war. That's an incitement to murder if I ever heard one. As soon as his speech ended the southern suburbs erupted with gunfire.

There is no future for this country as long as Hizbullah do not seek integration into the rest of society.


The Phalange pretty well know who did it. The same crowd they think knocked off Bashir Gemayel a long time ago. But why did they take out on the hapless Palestinians back then? Internecine inter-Christian warfare. Maronite vs. Greek Orthodox. Part of the Maronite Christians have always wanted a smaller independent Lebanon centered around Mount Lebanon (the first mountain range fronting the Med). And part of the Greek Orthodox Christians(who call themselves "Rum" [Roman]) see themselves as part of a greater Syria and want to be reunited with Syria, Palestine, and Iraq- the dream that was shattered by Sykes-Picot.

[PM]"Asaad Hardan was a high level official in the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), which advocates Lebanon 's unity with Syria , and headed its "political assassinations" bureau during the war years."
from http://www.free-lebanon.com/

SSNP is a legal party in Syria as well in Lebanon! Its symbol is close to being a trilateral quasi-swatsika.

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