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04 July 2006


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Well, I predict that the fallout will be, huge. And this episode, as its components are confirmed, or rejected, will reveal a great deal about the entire effort in Iraq. And to the extent someone reminds me that ‘this shit happens in war’, a truism I am too familiar with, I respond in anticipation: ‘yes, they do happen. All the time. In all conflicts. And often, when they do happen, they come with long lasting, multifaceted, complex, negative, consequences for the side of the deed doers. Fair or not. I fear that will be the case here although if it leads to Americans getting out of that hell hole faster some good will have come of it. They can’t get the troops out of there fast enough for me.

On an entirely different note, could someone tell me (I was in different branch than the Army and in any event it was long ago) how a person could be a member of airborne unit, being in the service less than 11 months? Some of which was obviously spent in Iraq. So…what, you get in your wings in 8 months or so? How long is boot camp (basic training, as the army calls it) these days? And how long is what once called ITR training? Airborne training? Just curious.

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