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18 July 2006


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WPL, the State Dept saying today "the only problem in the current conflict is Hezballah and the US won't interfere with Israel's right to defend itself" is another way of saying, "we're going to let the IDF mop up as much of Hezballah before we allow the UN to broker a cease fire"?

Mac Nayeri

I love the sound effects - (sounds of trumpets)



Any thoughts on what Syria will do if the IAF makes pre-emptive strike against the Syrian air defense. It covers parts of southern lebanon doesnt it?


http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/07/18/AR2006071801387_2.html> Missile War Is a New Challenge To Israel's Long Rule of the Sky

"Even if the military operation may temporarily stop the rockets from Lebanon and Gaza, Israel must be ready to pay a certain price, namely to negotiate in order to stop it forever," said Gabriel Sheffer, a political science professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. "There will be no end to the rockets until there is a political and cultural solution to the broader conflict."


"In order to get rid of rockets, you have to occupy the territory," said Zeev Schiff, the longtime military affairs correspondent for the Israeli daily Haaretz who co-wrote the definitive account of the Lebanon war. "If you took south Lebanon, you might solve the short-range rockets. Then, people will tell you, Hezbollah will just find longer-range missiles. So do you occupy northern Lebanon? So it goes."

I don’t invasion there will be a political/cultural solution any time soon, and Israel can't occupy the entire Middle East. What is Plan B?


Bush accuses Syria

Israel accuses Iran

Israeli ground troops enter southern Lebanon

What does Syria, Iran and Lebanon have to say?

Dr Slop

Do such lethal clowns ever have a Plan B? Failure is not an option -- I seem to have heard rather often -- and thus are houses of cards constructed.

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