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26 July 2006


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Dear Col. Lang,
If I recall, all you've ever asked us is to treat this site and each other with respect. And this site is one of the most civil places I've been - with plenty of room left for debate, good natured banter and fun. I consider it both a jewel and an oasis, and a wonderful opportunity to learn from you, your colleagues and your wonderful readers. So I must say that I am saddened that it's obvious that there are those that must be having a hard time with the most basic requirements of civility. It is a privilege to come here and is an oasis to me. Thank you sir for your wonderful hospitality.
Robert Murray aka taters


Anytime Israel is in the news, the nuts come out to troll. It never fails...


It is such a shame that folks are misusing your site with such great insight.

Unfortunately it puts an additional burden on you to review comments and slows down the discussion in this fast changing news environment.


small consolation, but if your journal were a complete failure, this kind of thing wouldn't happen. sorry for the increased workload - don't let it get you down.

and many thanks for selecting important topics, the high quality of informed commentary, & yes, those of the vast majority of your readership.


Given the Bush/Blair drivel picked up at G8, this site is a model of wisdom, genuine courtesy, practical good sense -- and nice table manners.

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