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27 July 2006


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If Hizballah have silkworms, I am curious why they only launched one at an Israeli naval warship? Unless of course they launched more but only one hit the target.

Nasrallah has been threatening "after-Haifa" but have yet to demonstrate they have long range missiles. So do they really have them or have they not fired them as part of some strategy?

Green Zone Cafe

This Lebanese offensive makes me wonder if our stated objectives are our real objectives.

Israel wanting to get rid of Hizballah, I understand, but why did it have to be done now, at a time when the new government of Iraq was trying to establish itself? This offensive is degrading our image even further in Iraq and the Arab world.

There is a Hizballah Party in Iraq. It is not "formally" affiliated with Lebanese Hizballah, but I would guess their sympathies are similar.

Iraqi Hizballah is a part of the government - they are part of the United Iraqi Alliance (555) list.

They publish a newspaper, Al Bayyna www.al-bayyna.com/

The effect of Israel's actions will not be measureable in Iraq, but will be present and will be negative relative to US objectives.



Yes, I was afraid of this. This link between the Iraqi 'leadership'and Hizballah was covered in depth at http://www.juancole.com/ Scroll half way down the page.

I was watching John Warner last night on Hardball. He was speaking about Iraqi PM al-Maliki. I swear, Warner could not have sounded like a bigger, clueless, fool, if he decided to proffer an opinion on the latest in hip-hop music or fashion. It was really frightening. We are bereft of any leadership. Condi is in so far over her head that’s its funny in kind of a ‘Strangeloveian’ way. I’m waiting for her to break out and start talking about the never seeing an Arab drink water or something like that. Bush? Did you see the press conf? Enough said. Man, this is really dangerous.


This Lebanese offensive makes me wonder if our stated objectives are our real objectives.

It is all part of a brilliant plan to suck the insurgents out of Iraq and into Lebanon, so that GWB can go to Baghdad and declare "Mission Accomplished -- Again".

I hope that I am being satirical.


Re: "Summit in Rome", I was under the impression that the summit had already been scheduled prior to the outbreak of Israeli-Lebanese hostilities.

Can anyone locate a reference one way or the other as to how the parties ended up in Rome?


Just a nit: Ranstorp is a Swedish expert, and is currently the chief scientist at the Center for Assymetric Threat Studies in Stockholm. He's the former head of the CSTPV at St Andrews.

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