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08 June 2006


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'Zarqawi was largely the creation of the collective American mind. In fact, he was the leader of less than 10% of the Iraqi insurgents.'

And of the U.S military. Wasn't there a propaganda campaign to magnify the role of al-Zarqawi aimed mainly at the Iraqi public that also spilled over to the U.S The aim was to turn Iraqis against al-Zarqawi by portraing him as a foreigner. Washington Post had a peice on it a while back.

It was of course nice for the administration to get a piece of good news to show some progress in the GWOT.

By the way I wonder who the framed picture was for. GWB? In that case civilization have certainly progressed since the practice was to deliver the heads directly to the soverign of slain enemies. The frame makes a nice addition to the collection with Saddams gun.

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