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06 June 2006


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The game now has entered different phase. It was cute 2 weeks ago. Pentagon singing and dancing about how events in Iraqis are really this or that.

But by now, it's all economic indicators. And the market is calculating everything in serious way. Including the unsustainable cost of war in Iraq.

By now, killing few journos and spinning how Zarqawi No.2 is capture/not captured, or how we are spreading democracy or waiting for rapture are irrelevant. It's idle musing for generals and their CYA reports.

The market has decided and it's ugly.

If the generals are even remotely competent (instead of just doing joy ride killing bunch of brown people and running propaganda operation.) They will notice that the operation in Iraq is not sustainable anymore. It is about to drag down national economy in very serious way.

The Pentagon comptency in solving Iraq war has been answered. (They eff up big time and will continue effing up in forseeable future)

hence these questions:

1. Dollar stability
2. regional stability
3. national economy and public mood.
4. how the global smart money reacts.

of course this is not counting Russia, China or Iran start rigging the war against us in serious manner (high tech equipment, intels) Then things will not only get ugly, but bloody as well.

The war in Iraq has now gone beyond faking election, which mullah is the prettiest to represent us, or if shooting few stray brown terrorists in Ramadi gonna score pentagon good publicity.

way beyond that...

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