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01 June 2006


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Mac Nayeri




PL, does this civil war get worse if we pull out? In your opinion what is the best resolution?

Obviously the Bushites lit the tinder box and now want to focus on mitigating the PR aspect of the disaster.


But we got Zarqawi's No.2!

come on. that got to count for something. I mean we captures dozens of those No.2's

(yeah that was a snark)


But they sure the hell brought down the Lodi Two:



"If this is not civil war, what is it?"

A national war against a foreign occupation force.

W. Patrick Lang


Too simple. your ideology is showing. pl


Anarchy seems to be a better word than civil war with all the fighting within groups.
The only thing they can agree about is attacking the foreigners. Reminds me of Afghanistann in the 80s.

Isn't al-Douri supposed to be dead by the way?

W. Patrick Lang


Which one? pl


Izzat Ibrahim was reported dead a while back if I remember correctly. He was supposed to have had leukemia or some similar disease.


Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri is said to have been a member of the Sufi brotherhoods and to have been hidden by them. I have also read that the Sufis are suspected of being behind a not insignificant part of the resistance but hard facts about them are hard to come by. I suspect that it could be a case of those who know don't say and those who say don't know. If anyone knows anything about the Sufis in Iraq and their participation in the war, I would appreciate hearing it.


Just to feed my curiousity: You're talking about Suifs ... I read two bits that seem to contradict each other, maybe someone here can help me putting it into context.

Bit (a) was that in Chechnya as a result of the war traditional Sufism had been pushed back by Salafist Islam, also as a result of Saudi funding and support. Iirc one problem Salafist have with Sufism is that they are too mystic, straying from the Koran.

Bit (b) I read was someone mentioning that modern Salafism had Sufi roots.

If that is right, it seems to me the two seem not be opposed. I find it plausible that religious leanings are not absolute and strict and that that there emerges common ground, depending on the believers and their background.

But then I find the friction described in bit (a) plausible, considering that Salafism seems quite strict from what I read.

PS: Are Salafism and Wahabi Islam synonymous?

I would be happy if anyone could here enlight me somewhat, and/ or give me a hint where to read.

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