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06 June 2006


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Patrick Henry

Thanks for sharing the Vanity Fair Piece...along with your Comments..Pat


Waterboard Michael Ledeen 'till he tells all he knows about the Italian connection to the forged documents.


Thank you very much for the preview, Col.

Dr Slop

Could Ledeen be yet another element in a pea-and-thimble trick? A diversion from the real game happening far offstage?

He looks like what Australians call a classic bull-artist, enhancing his own importance by apparently denying it.

Surely it is still important to discover who forged the Niger "evidence" and who was the forgers' paymaster?

However effective they may have been in the shortish term, the documents appear to be scarcely the sharpest pieces of work (maybe deliberately but I would not count on this - if you want deniability, just one or two really gross errors would do the trick).

Perhaps a project for some forensically inclined Tyrannistas?

john pfeifler

Unger's article is an excellent example of the use of multiple sources. It also is a warning against circular reporting--an indicator of "group think" if ever there was one. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that the neocons successfully maneuvered the U.S. into al-mustanqa'at.


Perhaps the accumulating evidence and scholarly treatment of the Iraq War fix will innoculate us from similar crimes in the future. For a little while, by the same gang, anyway.

Which insider will be turned first? Via Independent Counsel, Congressional Investigation or big $ book deal?


Does it matter that the Butler Report, the official investigation of the British Government, concluded that Bush's 16 words were well-founded, that the Brits still stand by their analysis, or that they said specifically the their judgement was NOT based on the forged documents? Can we just ignore inconvient facts?

If Bush lied, prove it, but you can't prove a lie with a lie. Karma is more than just a city in Iraq - please don't betray the Iraqi people to Islamic slaughter, even if you 'know' Bush is 666. Why do you think it was Iraqis who fingered Zarkawi? Please consider the plight of the Iraqi citizens if the US was to pull out right now.


"..the key intelligence came from an Iraqi source, according to serving U.S. intelligence officials".

Trouble is, you can't trust a goddamn word attributed to the U.S. government nowadays. Not a single syllable.


Sashland - no one in the UK (outside of Blair apologists) believes that that section of the Butler Report is anything more than a firewall for the US, so why should we? And if you really believe that the Brits had verifiable intel on Iraq's WMD go read up on the David Kelly suicide....get REAL, please.

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