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24 May 2006


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Jerry Thompson

Thanks very much.

john pfefiler

Ditto the thanks.


you guys are welcomed. I really enjoy the people on this blog and I figure more than a few of them are vets.


Valuable info, johnst, good for you. Great point about "phishing" I've seen "spoofs" of many agencies and institutions - with the "correct" logo (easy cut & paste job)including the FBI. Forewarned is forearmed.


Thanks, Jonst. Very good advice.


Thanks Jonst.


This happened in '02 or '03 as well, a theft from a Tricare building.
Thanks for the info, Johnst.


Yes, semi...and there were, and remain, problems for vets from it. But that was a blip (as serious as it was)compared to this. This is a HUGE deal among the infosec crowd I hang with. 26 mil ssn and a ton of information to go with it. The mother lode. I will not be one bit surprised if turns out that the 'burglar' knew exactly what he was looking for. Assuming that is, there was a burglar in the first place.

Patrick Henry

Yep...Strange how these type of "Lap Tops"and Data Just Disappear from time to time..

Reminds me of Robert Hansson and Rick Ames..

So Much Intrigue..

In this "Safer World"..

Strangest Ball game I ever saw..


How expensive would it be to re-issue each lost SSN a new one to the vets (and anyone else who lost it due to government carelessness)? This would make the stolen IDs worthless.

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