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16 May 2006


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Saturation attacks of the type conducted by Van Riper will be very effective in restricted waters like the Gulf.

I doubt very much that the Navy is aching to take its capital assets into the Gulf. I'd say the plan would have to be for standoff attacks, with limited ground forces.

Won't be very effective, in my opinion, but I cannot see a plan to sail carrier battle groups into the Gulf. It is a lake.

July 6, 1535

The response to Van Riper's strategies bears an eerie resemblance to MacBeth.

Recall in MacBeth the King goes to the three witches who warn him of impending danger and then tell him that he will not "vanquish'd be until Great Birnam wood to high (Dunsinane Hill) shall come against him." The King believing that there is no way the great woods can attack him and his mighty castle lets his guard down. His enemy then attacks the castle by cutting down the trees of Birnam Wood and using them as camouflage. In the end, for his failure to see the threats and take action, the King is killed and the kingdom falls.

Rumsfeld and others should have taken Van Riper's actions--the ability of a low-tech enemy to counter all the technlogy and firepower of our American military through creative, asymetrical warfare--as a modern-era military prophecy of the witches. They have not.


I'm speechless. The the press twerp guy continues to defend his incompetent nincompoop boss, one of the Evil Triumvirate, Donald Rumsfield. God help us all.


Thank you for posting this, Colonel, and I thank all the insightful commenters. All this was truly a joy to read and it's so great that someone has both the contacts and courage to surface these things.

The only thing I can contribute to the thread is that Van Riper's 2002 wargaming was very well presented in Malclom Gladwell's popular book 'Blink.' Worth checking out if you're strolling in a bookstore sometime, both for the treatment and for the entire book. Van Riper's scenario is used as an example of how intuition appears to work in subject matter experts.

Surely I'm not alone in finding the lapdog's responses yet more bitter confirmation to well-founded fears for our nation. The joy I take is in their exchange, because as is seen over and over in the annals of conflict, Joe Galloways are battering rams which gather winning hopes behind.

Happy Jack

For those that are interested, here's the background on the Van Riper war game story.


Thank you Colonel Lang, for this sad evidence of what we all know. Rumsfeld is so concerned, Larry? I'm not impressed that anyone in this administration is concerned about much beyond covering up the endless crimes and hiding from the truth. You have moved the truth a little closer to the light and I am grateful.

Serving Patriot


And now Mr DiRita is off to a new job in industry. BOA is the owner of the DoD Govt Travel Credit Card program (ugh!).

At least that is what I read:
"Rumsfeld Aide Takes Job At Bank Of America
Wall Street Journal (May 17, 2006, Pg. B9)

Larry Di Rita, a top aide to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, is taking a communications post with Bank of America Corp.
Mr. Di Rita, 48 years old, recently oversaw the Pentagon's vast public-affairs bureau. He is expected to start work later this month as a communications executive for Bank of America's corporate and investment bank.
Mr. Di Rita is the third high-ranking federal employee hired by the bank this year. William J. Fox, former director of the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, started work in February as the bank's senior compliance executive for financial crimes. He is 45.
Earlier this month, the bank announced that it hired Chris Swecker, a senior executive at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as its head of corporate security. Mr. Swecker, 49, who led the FBI's criminal-investigation division, will oversee the bank's protective and investigative services. He is expected to begin work in July."

And here is a biographical sketch on Mr DiRita.
Top adviser to Garner Rumsfeld's senior aide in Iraq, US Navy, worked for Republican senators and the conservative Heritage Foundation
Just below J. Garner, who reports to T. Franks, is a line to Larry DiRita, who is a special assistant to the defense chief. He is Rumsfeld's senior aide and a Naval Academy graduate. Larry Di Rita joined the Department of Defense after serving as Legislative Director, then Chief of Staff, for U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison [R-Texas] from 1996 until 2001. Prior to that, he served as Policy Director to the 1996 Presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Phil Gramm. Previously, he served at the Heritage Foundation as Deputy Director of Foreign Policy and Defense Studies. DiRita is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. His final tour was on the Joint Staff under General Colin Powell. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and he has a Master's Degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.
We have not been able to find evidence that he has any particular qualifications or experience in post-war civilian reconstruction, socio-political and economic development, nation-building or reconciliation."

His entire response to Galloway was nothing more than the usual insult to reality these folks make.




Yeah. DiRita had his paws in the the Iraq reconstruction.

There's a quote in Cobra II(DiRita addressing Garner's staff) goes something like this:

"We aren't going to spend any money on them; we gave them their freedom".


BTW and definitely OT. DiRita's DOD bio has him leaving the service in 1994. If he's a 1980 USNA grad he made O-6 in less than 14 years - hard to reconcile his leaving the service. Also hard to understand why his bio doesn't cite his rank at all if he was a Naval Captain...FWIW

Alex D.

Great posting on Galloway. He and you are no doubt aware of the various war games ignored in 1964-65 by the Johnson Admin. McMaster writes about this in his book. I hear echoes.

semper fubar

Larry Di Rita, a top aide to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, is taking a communications post with Bank of America Corp.

No doubt to facilitate the transfer of all transaction and customer information from BoA to NSA.


For those who missed it, here is a transcript of the Galloway appearance on Countdown last Friday--the lead story:


For those with broadband and high-tech toys, Crooks and Liars has the video:




Anyway TypePad is constipated

Story's up on Crooks and Liars. Scroll down to to Friday.

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